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As a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for over two and a half decades, I have had the privilege of witnessing the amazing effects of this remarkable approach to healthcare.

What kinds of people visit our office?
We care for patients of all ages with varieties of conditions; patients experiencing pain or an undesirable condition, as well as those seeking improved function and performance.

What is unique and fantastic about chiropractic care?
A patient does not need to be sick or injured to experience the benefits of chiropractic! Often our patients want to continue feeling well and seek chiropractic to help them with that goal.

Did you know symptoms are not usually the first indication of a problem?
And yet, the number one reason many patients visit most doctors is… pain! Our bodies give us small warning signs that are often overlooked due to our busy lives and everyday stresses. At Mascali Chiropractic we teach our patients to listen to those warnings and care for them before they become more debilitating. When it comes to health, function reigns supreme. If the body is functioning properly, theoretically, there should be no pain. Proper balance and function are key in chiropractic and what we strive for!


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